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It’s time to get connected.  We want to reach out and connect to you, so we can work faster, share information more efficiently and do things once.  The Ramsay Health Supply Portal is our way of building better connections, so our staff can have access to up to date information, connect to your organisation and your people.

Our supply portal is a “one stop shop”, by registering your products and trades/occupations you will be linked to our future needs.  Our supply chain is a vital part of our success and to continue our momentum we want to connect faster, share information more easily, do this once and most importantly link you to our operational staff online.

The Ramsay Supply Portal is free to our suppliers and contractors.

Step 1 Login to the Portal

Step 2 Fill out the products / services you are offering

Step 3 Add the occupation skills you will offer so we can “skill match online”.


Our portal is the future to compliance. We list what we need from you, insurances or trade certificate, you just click and upload. We share this across our hospitals so only one upload is required; we will also remind you of any renewal updates.

So let’s get connected,

Login with your account password details previously sent to you.

Click: My Details – Left hand side menu.


You can change your Password thru Edit Login.

Set your Secret Question.

Click: SAVE

It looks like this:

It looks like this:    

It looks like this:
Click: Update your Industry Match.

Complete/Update: Industry Categories TAB


Complete: 1st Tab – Details, then

Complete: 3rd Tab – Occupations
Click: SAVE on each screen – allow refresh.

You may also go to the Certificates Tab and upload your Insurance Certificates & applicable licences that are required.

For Technical/Site Support contact:

DecisionMAX Software Pty Ltd - Phone: (02) 9949 7603

or email : gcray@decisionmax.com.au  -  Ramsay Health's Portal : Lost Login